Advisory Services


The developing economies of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia region offer
vast opportunities for new entrants to this region and for expanding market penetration
for existing corporations. Growth rates averaging 7 – 9 percent are common in these
developing economies, driven by revenues derived from petroleum sales and expanding
non-energy related export industries. Parsing a way through this exciting region’s ever
changing political and business climate is the key to success. Jadwin’s principals have the
experience, expertise, and long-term relationships with senior political leaders, successful
local businessmen, and financial institutions to assist our clients in establishing a solid
foundation for achieving the long term results they desire.

Executive Coaching

Developing business in the Middle East while managing the expectations of the home
office can be a daunting challenge for executives transferring to the Middle East. Wasted
time, increased expense, and disappointing results can result without proper contextual
insights and historic knowledge, both of which are critically necessary to conduct business
in these regions. Jadwin provides mentoring to newly posted regional managers and
executive coaching services to home office supervisors.

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