Business Development

Achieving sustainable success in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
regions takes a well-executed strategy coupled with a consistent long-term vision for
senior management. Most important is the involvement of the Chairmen and CEOs of
companies, as business in the region continues to be carried out on a personal
relationship basis. Jadwin offers clients business development consulting services to
review marketing and investment strategies with regards to local and regional realities.
We work with Chairmen and CEOs to develop the necessary personal relationships
with local political and business leaders to assure optimal results.

Venture Capital

The emerging economies of the region offer green-field investment opportunities not
currently serviced by traditional North American or European based investment
companies. These opportunities are generally in non-technical industries to provide
goods and services to these growing regional communities. Analysis of these potential
green-field investments can be complex due to the non-traditional nature of the region.
Jadwin has experience and history investing in the region and will guide clients on
customs and traditions for successful investment long-term outcomes. Additionally,
Jadwin may co-invest with its clients on selected opportunities.
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